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Yearly Archives: 2009

More foster fun…

Well, yet another foster came and went before I even had time to blog her.  As did several transient, overnight guests.  Actually… so did Dante, but at least I had a chance to blog him!

Right now, surprisingly enough, we don’t have any fosters of our own.  Tonight we have Zoe, who is just spending the night so I can take her back to adoptions tomorrow as her foster family has church in the morning.  She is a doberman/german shepherd mix, and she’s hilarious.  She’s like a dog out of a cartoon, all crazy legs and quirky ears.  But she’s very sweet.



And next to Zoe is J.J. who was here about a week before some college guys took her home to try her out.  She was too much for their apartment, but they liked her so much that one of them talked his mom into adopting her.  She was an excellent snuggler, particularly on the couch…


Champ was only here for an overnight before he was adopted out again.  (He came back because he was supposedly jumping the fence… I suspect boredom may have had something to do with it).


And lastly, a few more Dante pictures… this time in better focus.  He too is no longer with us.  A young gal who just bought a house came over to our place to meet him and just fell in love.  Yay! I love happy endings  :)

Still to blog… Boozer,  Sister’s dogs, Cowbelly Austin, and now the calendar shoots.  My god, could I be any farther behind??

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Sweet stuff for your dog…

Once again, the holidays are quickly approaching.  And I’m sure there are those of you out there who are already prepared. I on the other hand, am in complete denial that it could possibly be November already.   It helps that its not nearly as cold here in Texas as it would be (or is, I suppose) back home in Ohio.  So that makes my denial that much easier.   At least Texas has that going for it…

Anyway, if you happen to have a spoiled pet, or pet parent, on your gift list this year you should check out Bisket Baskets.  They have all sorts of beautiful and unique gift baskets for all occasions.  But, if you ask me (which you didn’t, but its my blog) their pet baskets are by far the coolest.


For one thing, its just plain pretty, and I’m a sucker for a well put together gift basket.   All their baskets are gorgeous and full of tasty treats and other goodies. but I am secretly coveting the bone shaped pill container (not that I need one, it just appeals to the pharmacist in me) and the giraffe Bite Meez.    They even have super cute baskets for cats, if cats are your thing,


Now… if only I could convince hubby to let me adopt a cat who would appreciate such a fine gift…

Check out their website to see all their great gift baskets, and be sure to poke around their blog for news and other fun stuff!

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Dante needs a good home!

Ok, seriously.  How can you not love this face??  If you look closely, you may recognize this guy.  He made an appearance on my blog once before.  This time the lighting is softer, and the angles are better but its the same sweet boy.  (Don’t recognize him?  Check here)


He is the most recent dog to be removed from the place on the east side.  His first fosters were calling him Max, but we have SOOOO many Maxes, and it just didn’t seem to suit him.  He has the most intelligent looking facial expressions, and he catches on really quickly so we were trying to go for a “smart” name.    Dante is part German Shepherd, part Heeler.  He’s maybe 2-3 years old, and really not all that big.  But he’s very sweet and very smart.


When I first saw him in the car when the gal dropped him off, he reminded me a LOT of Kodiak.  Kodi does have some shepherd in him, though its not the first breed you think of when you look at him.  But its something about their expressions, and their mannerisms that is strikingly similar.   And the two of them get along really well, which is a relief.


He is crate trained and housebroken (unless its my day off and I sleep until eleven, and then I may wake up to find a puddle near the door) and he LOVES attention.  He is also food motivated, which makes training (and taking pictures) easy peasy.  Really, he is going to be a fantastic dog for the right family, so if you are looking for a dog to adopt in Lubbock, you should check him out!!

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Jules and Apollo

I can’t believe its been over a month since I last blogged! Yikes!!  Between settling in to the new routine at the day job, and some traveling and visitors, I feel like the last month has FLOWN by.  But things are settling down a bit now, and I feel like I might finally get caught up on my to do list.  I’m only about ten blog posts behind…

For those who may be wondering, Dash is settling in very well in his new home.  He loves to wrestle with his new big sister Alea (big as in older… she’s still just a wee bit smaller than he is, but not by much).  And his new family just thinks he is wonderful, which of course he is.  And with Dash in a happy home, it didn’t take us long to find yet another dog in need of some love and good nutrition.

First came Apollo.  A Rottie mix of some type, Apollo was found in Levelland by a young couple who lived down the street from his previous owner.  The owner had gone to Pennsylvania to care for a sick family member and left his dog tied in the yard (yes, I do see the irony in that).  The couple and their kids were feeding the dog, but another neighbor threatened to shoot it so they called the HSWT.


We had Apollo for two weeks, and got him all his necessary vet work and put a little weight on him.  He was sweet and playful, though a little bit rambunctious.  The very first day he went to adoptions, he found a home with a family that was looking for a bigger dog that would play with their three kids.  Last I spoke with them, he too was doing well.

Miss Jules was dropped off to the HSWT by a lady who found three dogs running loose in her neighborhood.  Two were chipped but the owners said they just didn’t want them anymore.  The other two went home with fosters and Jules came home with me (much to Ken’s dismay).  I have to be honest… Apollo was  nice dog and a good looking fellow, and I liked him; but I loved Jules.  She was just the sweetes, snuggliest thing.


Probably a lab/pit mix, or something along those lines, she was on the small side but very sturdy.  And she had this long, skinny tail that just wagged a mile a minute, thumping all over the place.  She spent the first week sleeping out in the kennel with Apollo.  But, she was so well behaved that once he was adopted, she got to sleep in the bedroom (bedroom… not bed, in spite of what the above picture might indicate) will everyone else.



We have a lot of black lab mixes in the system, so I was sort of suspecting that we’d be fostering her for a while; but last week while I was at the Cowbelly workshop, I got a call that she had gone on a home visit.  This week they came back to finish up the paperwork and officially adopt her.  Yay!

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Our gentle giant

We’ve sort of kept this mum because we wanted to make sure all the details were ironed out first.  And because I was afraid I would jinx it and the whole deal would fall through.  Tomorrow Dash and I are making the long drive to Dallas to meet his new family.  I know we said we were going to keep him… and we really meant it.  It breaks our hearts to give him up, but we had one hell of a dog fight two weeks ago and it did not end well.  Two parties needed stitches (not me, luckily) and Kodiak still doesn’t want to admit that Dash is bigger and stronger.  So we decided that it was in everyone’s best interest to find Dash a home where he won’t always have to be butting heads with Kodiak.  Luckily there is a wonderful family in the DFW area that expressed interest in Dash right around the time we decided to keep him.  They were still searching for a companion for their female Akbash when I emailed her two weeks ago, and after much emailing, they have decided he may be the dog for them.  So tomorrow we make the long trek to say goodbye to our gentle, goofy giant.


This is one of my favorite things that Dash does.  He’s so big that you forget he’s still a youngster, until he has one of those goofy, puppy moments.  He does this thing where he flops from side to side with his legs all stretched out, smacking whatever happens to be within his reach.  He just looks so ridiculously carefree and happy when he does it, that you can’t help but laugh.

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About a month ago, I opened my inbox (which is usually distressingly void of client-type emails) to find this…

“I need a photo of my grandsons age 17 and 11. I’ve looked at all the Lubbock photographers that had online galleries and you are my pick by alot. Is there anyway you could pretend that they are a couple of spaniels and do something fun for me. Please. Linda”

Now, I will be the first to admit that I don’t know much about portrait photography, but how do you say no to an email like that?  So I dug out some books on lighting and posing and portrait photography in general, and I searched the internet for tips and tricks.  I won’t lie, I was REALLY nervous driving to meet James and his mom.  None of my usual tricks were going to work here, as I was fairly certain James would not be entertained by squeaky balls and dog treats.  Luckily for me, he turned out to be a great kid, and we had such a fun time wandering around TTU’s campus with him and his mom.


The one on the left is one of my favorites.  He’s like one part cute kid, one part bada$$.  We found out during the session that he’s a skateboarder, so of course I was imagining all sorts of ways to incorporate it into photos.  Which wasn’t terribly helpful, considering we didn’t actually have the skateboard.


Following the above shot, I asked him to do a “serious, thinking pose” and he throws out the one on the right below.   Love. him.


There are shots in the outtakes that still make me laugh to look at them.  Most of them involve him making a face that clearly indicates that he thinks I am crazy.   Which may or may not be true…

A big thanks to Linda for setting this up, and to Jill and James for a great time.  And if we meet again, bring your skateboard!!

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A week or so ago, I had a mini session with another member of one of the rescue groups I belong to.  I had hit them all up for a volunteer to test out a location and Debbie took me up on it.  We met at 7 in the morning at a local park so I could test out the early morning light there.  She brought Raider, a handsome black lab, to model for me.  I think we spent more time chatting than shooting, but it was a lovely way to spend a Sunday morning, and the light was gorgeous.




Thanks for getting so up so early to help me out Debbie,  it was lovely to meet you and Raider!

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In which Kodiak has an unfortunate incident…

Before we get to Kodiak, a quick update on some of the recent dogs that have made an appearance here on the blog.  Dash is staying with us.  Tomorrow I will register his microchip with our information and we will officially be a three dog family.  Prince Edward is going to be adopted by the family that was fostering him.  They changed his name to Harley and are filling out the paperwork on Saturday. YAY!!

As for the dogs from the last post…  Throw Away, the german shepherd mix is going to go to the same home that is taking Lil Girl.  They are staying together in the same kennel while the adoptive family closes on their house and they get along fantastically!  The tiny chihuahua went home with an older woman who really wanted a very small dog.  Red and Blondie, the two nursing mommas are staying with one of our vet techs as both have gotten an infection. (mastitis for Red and a uterine infection for Blondie)  Both were caught early and they are doing great on antibiotics.  Cutie Pie and Ladybird went up to our adoption event, but haven’t found homes yet, so we will try again next week.  As for the rest,  the woman who has been taken care of them thinks she wants to keep them.  Unfortunately, she’s headed into the hospital for a two week stay starting tomorrow so if her health doesn’t improve we may have to work on convincing her its in everyone’s best interest to place a few more of them in other homes.

Now… on to Kodiak’s unfortunate incident.  In case you are new to the blog, Kodiak is my mostest favorite boy ever.  He is a total momma’s boy and he is very sensitive (more than I ever thought was possible for a dog).  He is a long haired Chow/German Shepherd/Golden Retriever mix of some random percentages.  That’s him and I in that picture up there in the intro, just for reference.  Today he had an appointment at the groomer.  We take him on a semi-regular basis to get a bath and to get the long hair on his legs and paws trimmed.  Apparently they misheard Ken when he dropped him off today because he was bald when we picked him up today.  Instead of the usual trim, they buzzed him down so he is just a poofy tail and a poofy head with a skinny little body in between.


You wouldn’t think a dog could get embarrassed, but I think he was because he wouldn’t even come out from under my desk when I got home.  And he ALWAYS comes to say hi to me when I get home.  The fact that I was laughing hysterically might not have helped…

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Red and the gang : East Lubbock rescue run

Thank you everyone for the kind comments on the canvases.  Grace’s dad picked up the one of her today and I think he was pretty pleased.  On a less happy note, this week Ken and I joined some others from the HSWT at a home on the east side of town to help a woman with over twenty dogs.  This gal actually called us while we were at Petsmart on Saturday requesting help with some puppies.  She said a stray had given birth to a litter a few weeks ago and wasn’t showing interest in feeding them.  One of our volunteers agreed to pick up some puppy food to take to her and to help her see if the puppies were big enough to try eating mush.  When she got out there, she realized that we needed to help this woman with much more than just these puppies.

She lives outside town, relatively close to an area shelter.  When this shelter is full (and even when its not) she says folks just dump their dogs out and leave them to run wild.  This woman lives in a tiny house all by herself, and her only income is a social security check… $66 dollars a month.  And yet here she was, trying her best to keep all these dogs fed.  Surprisingly, most of them (with the exception of the nursing mothers) looked fairly well fed.  Clearly, she was sacrificing her own well being to help dogs that others had abandoned.  In the last week, she has put up several large, makeshift kennels, using tarps and plywood to give the animals shade.  She did this all by herself, with no assistance from anyone.

We took her enough dog food to last her a while and some flea and tick spray for everyone.  We also wormed everyone we could get a hold of, and several of our volunteers headed back last night to take those dogs they could catch to get their rabies shots.  A local groomer/boarder picked up both litters of puppies and took them to their kennels where they agreed to care for them until they are old enough to be adopted out.

Now, meet the dogs…



This is Red, a lab mix and recent mother to nine puppies.  She is very sweet, but incredibly timid. Red was dumped so we don’t know her exact age or story but she looks to be rather young.


blondieweb1This is Blondie, a yellow lab mix and mom to a litter of seven puppies.  Blondie is probably older than Red, but not much.  She too was dumped.


ladybirdweb2Ladybird is a shorthaired pointer mix.  She is the shyest of them all, and my personal favorite. :)


Little girl is a lucky girl.  She has a home all lined up and is just waiting for them to come pick her up.


Radar (left) and Pakito (right) are chihuahua mixes of some sort that have also been dumped.  Radar is rather skittish, but Pakito doesn’t mind having his ears scratched a bit.



Throwaway (top) is a 4-5 year old GSD mix who was hit by a car and rescued by this gal.  He is not a fan of vehicles, for obvious reasons, but loves people.    Cotton (bottom) is a beautiful, white GSD.    She was shot in the chest at some point in the past and is a bit touchy about the area where she was hit. She is at around 5 years old and nervous around people, but with some time and a lot of love, she will warm up.


This guy is a handsome pit mix, whose name I forgot to write down.  He can be somewhat aggressive so he will likely stay with his current owner.  But he’s handsome so I wanted to post him anyway :)


Pigtail is red pitbull with a curly(ish) tail.  He is comical and sweet, and he loves to wrestle with Ladybird.


Cutie Pie is a 3 year old black lab.  She’s a bit overweight, and needs more exercise than she can get in her kennel.  She is incredibly sweet and loves people.


And lastly, just for some happy, cuteness… the little guy on the left is one of Red’s pups and the little guy on the right was just running around.  I never got the story on him, but he’s awfully precious.

Tomorrow morning, I am heading out there to pick up Ladybird, Cutie Pie, Red, and Blondie to take them to our adoption event at Gander Mountain.  We are desperately hoping that we can find them some good homes.  We have Throwaway and Pooh Girl listed with a GSD rescue group in Texas, but their fosters are full and they aren’t able to help us with housing.  Radar, Pakito, and Pigtail will continue to stay on her property until we free up some resources to help them out or until we find some place to put them.  The black pit mix, as well as two other large dogs that are somewhat aggressive are going to stay with the owner.

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I heart Simply Canvas!

A while ago, I ordered two canvases from Simply Canvas to test them out.  I never got around to blogging them, but they are AWESOME!  I got a 20×30 of Coco (the little boxer belonging to by brother-in-law and his wife) and a 16×24 of Kodiak.  Then I had a client order a 20×30 wrap as well.  That arrived on Tuesday so I thought I should get a picture of them all.

IMG_6754-01Dear Mom,  Yes those are poop bags off to the side there.  I was too lazy to carry them through the houseand out to the dumpster in the back alley.  Don’t worry, I got rid of them before company came over.  Love, your daughter :)

Coco and Kodiak are hanging in my “office.”  Kelly, Coco’s mom, thinks its funny that her dog has a bigger spot in my house than my own dog does.  What can I say, I’m in love with that image.  The big empty space under Boots the cat is no longer empty.  It now sports the biggest monitor EVER!  I have the best hubby in the world :)

office space

Coming up soon(ish), a long, picture filled post from our rescue trip out to the east side of town on Monday night.  Tune in for some sad pups who desperately need new homes.

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