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Monthly Archives: March 2009

Boots and Mittens

An appropriately named pair of cats, considering how cold it was here today.

Boots was definitely the more cooperative model, and handsome too. He photographs so well, you wouldn’t even know he’s not feeling too well. Unfortunately he’s not, and I’m happy I could get some good pictures of him for his mom and dad.

Mittens is the prettiest cream color with beautiful blue eyes. I definitely learned some lessons about shooting a light colored cat today.

The house was a perfect set up for natural light pictures. There were lots of big windows and beautiful furniture for the kittys to sit on. I just wish it hadn’t been quite so overcast as a tiny bit more light would have been perfect.

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I can’t get enough of this dog!

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Cynder II

I spent some more time practicing on Cynder, this time trying to get more posed shots incorporating some of the furniture and decor in my Aunt’s home. One thing I have learned is that even when it seems as though there is quite a bit of light, my camera still struggles and I often wish I had a slightly higher ISO to bump up to. An upgrade is a long way off though, I fear. Still, there were plenty that I liked.

This couch used to belong to my grandmother. The dog is probably not supposed to be on it, but it was only for a few minutes… honest :)

This pose is SO Cynder. She is thirteen years old and as playful as any puppy I have ever seen. I am having a book printed as a gift for my Aunt (who has been more than generous by letting me stay and taking excellent care of me!) and this will be a two page spread. Its my first time having a book done at my current printer so I am excited to see how it looks.

And this one I love because of the colors (overcast days really do make for the prettiest photos I think) and the tail. I have been trying to get a good shot of that tail since I got here. She really is a sweet, beautiful dog.

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Quite possibly the cutest puppy ever, and the pictures that inspired the creation of Nizhoni Pet Photography.

Matt would have preferred we not let her sleep on the couch, but can you wake up something that precious?

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Best friends forever

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Yesterday the hubby asked me what I thought about talking to the accountant about getting Nizhoni Pet Photography set up as an actual business so we could consider photography related purchases a business expense and deduct them from our taxes. I honestly hadn’t even thought that far ahead yet, but it made me feel all warm and fuzzy to have him be so supportive. :) And its probably a good idea, considering just how much some of that stuff costs. (Not that I’ll be making any of the major purchases anytime soon…)

In addition to Nizhoni and the hubby, the other member of my supporting crew is my baby boy Kodi. There’s a special warm fuzzy place in my heart for this guy because he’s been around longer than both of the other two and is the biggest momma’s boy EVER. Even when he does things like eat an entire roast (or pan of brownies) off the counter or destroy several large houseplants, he’s still awfully cute.

He is the master of the pathetic look, second only to Nizhoni herself. He is particularly good at this look when there is people food involved.

But most of the time he’s a pretty smiley dog.

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My Aunt’s dog Cynder made an appearance on my regular blog a few months ago after I snapped a few shots while I was in town. These two were my favorites from that round.

Now that I’m staying with them for four weeks I’ve had a chance to experiment a little with some different lighting situations in their house. Its been nice because Cynder is a very cooperative model and adorable to boot. Some of my recent favorites.

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I thought it would be appropriate if the first set of pictures on the Nizhoni Pet Photography blog were of Nizhoni. Usually its the more photogenic Kodiak who gets his picture taken but I was trying to spread the love around this time.

This first one is a little bit older, but one of my favorites of her. She’s not the most photogenic dog, so I’m always pleased to get a good one of her.

She’s a little bit wide, but we love her just the way she is :)

This last one here is my favorite. She has the daintiest way of crossing her little paws.

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Hello and welcome…

…to my new blog. I have mentioned to a very few people that I have been thinking about starting a pet photography business. Now, I use the term “business” in the loosest possible sense at this point, as I don’t have anything officially set up yet… no official website, no tax ID, and more importantly, no clients. But you have to start somewhere, and for me, that’s here. And if it never goes anywhere, then this place will just be full of pictures of my dogs :).

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