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Our gentle giant

We’ve sort of kept this mum because we wanted to make sure all the details were ironed out first.  And because I was afraid I would jinx it and the whole deal would fall through.  Tomorrow Dash and I are making the long drive to Dallas to meet his new family.  I know we said we were going to keep him… and we really meant it.  It breaks our hearts to give him up, but we had one hell of a dog fight two weeks ago and it did not end well.  Two parties needed stitches (not me, luckily) and Kodiak still doesn’t want to admit that Dash is bigger and stronger.  So we decided that it was in everyone’s best interest to find Dash a home where he won’t always have to be butting heads with Kodiak.  Luckily there is a wonderful family in the DFW area that expressed interest in Dash right around the time we decided to keep him.  They were still searching for a companion for their female Akbash when I emailed her two weeks ago, and after much emailing, they have decided he may be the dog for them.  So tomorrow we make the long trek to say goodbye to our gentle, goofy giant.


This is one of my favorite things that Dash does.  He’s so big that you forget he’s still a youngster, until he has one of those goofy, puppy moments.  He does this thing where he flops from side to side with his legs all stretched out, smacking whatever happens to be within his reach.  He just looks so ridiculously carefree and happy when he does it, that you can’t help but laugh.

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September 15, 2009 - 10:42 pm nick - Aww i love that second one in the top row.. and yes its hard to wrap you head around the fact that he is a puppy!

September 15, 2009 - 10:52 pm Becky (rksquared) - I hope all goes well for you and Dash tomorrow (I guess it's today, now)!

September 16, 2009 - 4:35 am johnwaire | photo - i'm sorta sad to see dash go -- i loved his updates -- but i know it's for the best. good luck dash.

September 16, 2009 - 7:25 am april - good luck to dash in his new home!

October 19, 2009 - 6:15 am Stephanie - I hope you keep us updated on Dash. I loved his story. You guys did so much for him, and he has you to be thankful for. Love this whole series of shots.Favorites...Second, third and last one.

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