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Monthly Archives: November 2009

More foster fun…

Well, yet another foster came and went before I even had time to blog her.  As did several transient, overnight guests.  Actually… so did Dante, but at least I had a chance to blog him!

Right now, surprisingly enough, we don’t have any fosters of our own.  Tonight we have Zoe, who is just spending the night so I can take her back to adoptions tomorrow as her foster family has church in the morning.  She is a doberman/german shepherd mix, and she’s hilarious.  She’s like a dog out of a cartoon, all crazy legs and quirky ears.  But she’s very sweet.



And next to Zoe is J.J. who was here about a week before some college guys took her home to try her out.  She was too much for their apartment, but they liked her so much that one of them talked his mom into adopting her.  She was an excellent snuggler, particularly on the couch…


Champ was only here for an overnight before he was adopted out again.  (He came back because he was supposedly jumping the fence… I suspect boredom may have had something to do with it).


And lastly, a few more Dante pictures… this time in better focus.  He too is no longer with us.  A young gal who just bought a house came over to our place to meet him and just fell in love.  Yay! I love happy endings  :)

Still to blog… Boozer,  Sister’s dogs, Cowbelly Austin, and now the calendar shoots.  My god, could I be any farther behind??

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Sweet stuff for your dog…

Once again, the holidays are quickly approaching.  And I’m sure there are those of you out there who are already prepared. I on the other hand, am in complete denial that it could possibly be November already.   It helps that its not nearly as cold here in Texas as it would be (or is, I suppose) back home in Ohio.  So that makes my denial that much easier.   At least Texas has that going for it…

Anyway, if you happen to have a spoiled pet, or pet parent, on your gift list this year you should check out Bisket Baskets.  They have all sorts of beautiful and unique gift baskets for all occasions.  But, if you ask me (which you didn’t, but its my blog) their pet baskets are by far the coolest.


For one thing, its just plain pretty, and I’m a sucker for a well put together gift basket.   All their baskets are gorgeous and full of tasty treats and other goodies. but I am secretly coveting the bone shaped pill container (not that I need one, it just appeals to the pharmacist in me) and the giraffe Bite Meez.    They even have super cute baskets for cats, if cats are your thing,


Now… if only I could convince hubby to let me adopt a cat who would appreciate such a fine gift…

Check out their website to see all their great gift baskets, and be sure to poke around their blog for news and other fun stuff!

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