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Monthly Archives: June 2010

Some Nizhoni fosters

I’m no longer actively volunteering for the Humane Society here in Lubbock, though Mama dog is technically in their system and goes up to their adoption events in the hopes of finding a home.  But, I thought I’d share some pictures of a few of the fosters we’ve had that never made it to the blog.  There have been many more that were just with us for a night or two, but these five were officially “fostered” by us.

Stinks was a very sweet boy that was found running loose in the street.  He was in good shape and had a collar on, so we were certain he belonged to someone.  But, no one answered the ads or came looking for him…  Which is unfortunate, because he is a fantastic family dog.  As for his name… we were trying to avoid naming him, as we weren’t planning on having him for long. But I had to call him something so I started calling him stinker, which became Stinks.  Luckily, in spite of his name and the giant Elizabethan collar he was wearing following his neuter, he still went home with a new family.


The next three all prove what a sucker I am for puppies.  We aren’t supposed to accept drop offs at our adoption events, primarily because they don’t usually have any of their shots and we never have any open foster homes that can take them.  But its REALLLLY hard to say no to those sad faces, especially when they are puppies.
Copper came in at the end of the day, the week before a holiday.  She was dropped off by a family who found her on the doorstep.  I mean seriously… could you have sent her to the pound?  The hubby was not happy, but I did catch him snuggling on the couch with her several times during her stay.


Caleb and Delta actually came in together, dropped off by two college girls who had found them and kept them for a week while trying to find an owner.  They brought them in when their landlord threatened to evict them.  In my defense, there were tears and I can’t stand making people cry.  The hubby did not think this was a convincing argument when I brought in the kennel with two puppies.  I have to say though, these two were hilarious and got along splendidly.  Not surprisingly, they were adopted quickly.



And lastly (at least last before Mama dog and her pup) was Miley, a quiet little chihuahua mix.   She was here at the same time as Gordon so we had quite the full house at the time.  It took her a bit to warm up, but once she did she got along with everyone.


Now we are down to Mama dog, who is (according to hubby) our last foster.  I’ll let him think that, for now… bwahahaha.

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Beaux is the second of two adorable Yorkies belonging to a good friend of mine.  His brother Leo made an earlier appearance on the blog, and now its Beaux’s turn.   I’ve always considered myself more of a big dog person, but I have to say, all these little guys are starting to win me over.






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Bartleby :: Sneak peek

Um, AYKM?? Love this dog!


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I have had some really awesome cat sessions recently.  Last week I had the pleasure of meeting Misstoffeless and his brother Zander at their beautiful home.  Their mom and dad love animals and currently have thirteen rescued cats.  After some rough beginnings, these cats are now living the life of luxury.  They even have their own cat room and an outdoor addition, just for them!  I can’t even describe how lovely it was… and the perfect setting for picture taking.

Helloooo, handsome…






Seriously, I couldn’t even pick a favorite.  He was that photogenic.

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Meet the Baughs

Before coming to Lubbock, I didn’t know it was possible to covet a backyard.  Turns out it is.  The Baughs have the sweetest backyard EVER.  Luckily we are friends, and they are helping me get my backyard into shape, YAY!  But I digress…  Now that it is summertime, it is in full bloom and even more colorful than it is in these images.  Although, I am loving the greenery in these anyway.   Their menagerie consists of six cats, and four dogs.

First up is Madison and June Bug.  These two gals are pretty sweet, unless you stop petting June Bug before she thinks her allotted attention ration has been met.  In that case she can be kind of a bitch.  Her parents refer to her as the bitchy one, so I think its ok if  I say that. :)


(hmm… perhaps I need to do something about that Coors Light can floating over Madison’s head on the left here. hehe)



This is Pepper, who is beautiful but somewhat hateful of the camera.


And Rusty, who is the most recent addition and his parents’ favorite, though he is often the punching bag for his feline siblings.  He had a broken tail that healed funny prior to joining the family, so it now sticks out straight to one side.  One of his favorite spots is the empty birdbath.



And the reigning king, Junior.  Junior is twelve years old and diabetic, but he still rules the roost


His best pirate face… (He is a big Mike Leach fan)


And lastly is Doc, the sweetest dog EVER.  Even my husband loves Doc, and he’s pretty much over dogs that aren’t ours after all our fostering.


If you were doing the math, you’ll notice that there is a cat and three dogs missing…  L.G. the missing feline is not too keen on visitors, so she refused to make an appearance.  Although, she does occasionally wander out while I am visiting nowadays, so maybe at some point I will catch her on camera.  And the missing dogs; Huck, Clyde, and Nelly, are working dogs.  Their dad hunts quail with them, and in the off season they spend the majority of their time in a beautiful kennel/run the Baughs built for them.  Hopefully they will make an appearance here next fall since I am totally going on a quail hunt with them.  Hopefully I don’t shoot my foot off.

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Mama Dog :: Happiest Pit Bull. Ever.

I will admit, I’ve never been all that in to Pit Bulls.  Not that I had anything against them, just didn’t really see the appeal.  Then we got Penelope.  Note, we do realize that no one but us sees the appeal in Penelope, since she barks maniacally at everyone that comes over.  However, she is incredibly sweet to us, and I began to understand why some people like Pits so much.  And then we met Mama.


This dog loves everyone.  And she is just so happy; all the time.


Don’t get me wrong, she has her serious moments… (like when she thinks she might not get that treat after all)


But they are pretty short lived before smiles return.


Mama and her two puppies were picked up running loose on the street.  She had a chip that was still registered to the local vets office who offered to keep her and the pups while they tried to contact the owner.  Unfortunately the pups had Parvo and only one survived.  He was adopted almost immediately upon his arrival at the adoption facility once he was better.  Mama is still looking for a good home.



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