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Monthly Archives: August 2010

Mama and Jack :: BFF’s

These two crack me up.  I could seriously watch them for hours.  Jack is a Chihuaha/Dachshund mix that was being fostered by a friend of mine.  We have watched him on several occasions and he is best best friends with our dog, Mama.


In spite of how ferocious she looks here, she lets him climb all over her, chew on her ears, hump her head… you name it.  And when they wrestle, she is super gentle with him.




Jack recently got adopted, which is fantastic, but we will definitely miss his visits.  :(

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Damon is the handsome brother to Delilah.  He was far more interested in exploring the surroundings (including climbing up onto the train platforms) than he was in having his picture taken.






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Meet Delilah

This is miss Delilah, a super sweet German Shepherd.  We got to hang out with Delilah and her brother Damon this past Saturday and it was awesome!  In our initial conversations, their mom said she thought they would look pretty in a nature setting and she was sooo right!


She was also totally right in her prediction that Delilah would be an angel.  I seriously couldn’t have asked for a better model.  Poor Damon had a hard time getting in front of the lens, Delilah was so intent on hamming it up for me.




I have driven past this location several times and it was always in the back of my mind as some place I’d like to try shooting and I am super glad Lindsay was totally up for it.  It might officially be my new favorite spot, in spite of the honeybees that managed to sting both me and the hubs.  (What we do for art!)



Up next, Delilah’s super handsome little bro…

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Why I don’t exercise…

I am done exercising.  Seriously.  The last time I tried to take a walk with my friend Amy, two poodle mixes followed us around the block and when we stopped to ask some people if they knew who the owners were, we ended up with a cat.   A cat, which Amy carried the rest of the way home and which is now living at her neighbors house.  This morning, I went on a walk by myself and the most adorable little pit mix puppy followed me for almost forty five minutes.  Followed me all around the neighborhood and right to our fence, in spite of me pointedly ignoring it.  Do you have any idea how hard it is to ignore a face this cute??


I almost put him in one of our kennels to keep him out of the street, but decided to leave him out in case he knew his way home.  I did put a big bucket of water out in the alley for him, since it was hot as $%&@ out today.  After a few hours of whining and barking, he either wandered off or his people found him.


Speaking of the kennels, you can kind of see them in the background there.  The hubby and his buddy finished all the trim yesterday so all that remains to be done is running a water line to it.  I won’t lie… they. are. awesome.  (please ignore the tacky, bright yellow banner.  its hanging there for shade for Jack, who has to stay in a crate and can’t follow the shade around the kennel).

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Yesterday morning was a lovely morning in Lubbock, and perfect for a photo shoot with a sweet, long-haired dachshund named Charlie.  We started at a park…



Before moving to Tech’s campus, where we found the coolest little garden…



And then finally returned home (after a stop for breakfast burritos) for a dip in the pool.   It turns out that Charlie LOVES to swim.


And even has his own floatie, and swimming attire!


A big THANK YOU to Charlie and his family for a super fun morning!

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