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Bobby & Yoda :: Saving Grace Pitbull Rescue

Its been so very long since I’ve done any actual photography.  And I miss it.  So I’ve emailed some local rescues to see if they are interested in a volunteer photographer.   And I’m going to finally get around to blogging some of the many sessions that never made it online previously.  Starting with Bobby and Yoda… blog1

Bobby and Yoda was another session we did for the Saving Grace Pitbull Project.  Bobby is a volunteer and Yoda was one of the adoptable pups that got her own session for the art show.  Each volunteer got to pick which dog they wanted to bring out, and its easy to see why Bobby chose Yoda.  The two of them clearly have a special relationship.




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February 15, 2013 - 6:13 am John Waire - Good to see this post! I really like the emotion/connection that you captured in the 1st image. Keep on creating...

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