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Little Dog

A couple weeks ago I went to toss some boxes in the trash and found a puppy dumped behind our dumpster.  His bed and toys were in the dumpster.  It didn’t take long to figure out why someone had left him and his belongings.  If you’d never had a run in with Parvovirus, consider yourself lucky.  Its miserable, and most often fatal.  But when you take on a puppy, you’re taking responsibility for that animal in sickness and in health… its like a marriage.  Owning a dog isn’t necessarily all fun. Or cheap and easy.  If you don’t look at it like that, I don’t think you should have a dog.  But alas, not everyone sees it that way.  As it was, we gave him fluids and snuggles and he spent his last 24 hours feeling loved and being as comfortable as we could make him.  Rest in peace, little guy.

litte dog1

little dog 2

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January 13, 2014 - 3:36 pm Melanie - Amanda, the story about the little puppy with parvo is heartbreaking. Thank you for giving him love. I will never understand the cruelty of humans. :(

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