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Monthly Archives: December 2013

Ashley and Calamity Jane :: Saving Grace Project

Consider this my version of a throwback Thursday… this is another of the sessions we did in conjunction with Saving Grace Pitbull Rescue a few years ago.  All the volunteers I worked with were great, and every time I look at one of these galleries I think “no THIS one is my favorite.”  But this one really does rank up there.  I just love a strong willed dog, and Calamity Jane definitely fits the bill.



Ashley is a runner and she chose Calamity as her rescue dog for this project because she liked to take Calamity Jane running with her to burn off some of her energy and she wanted that to come across in their session.







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Alice :: Chesapeake Bay Retriever

Thanksgiving weekend offered me my first chance to join my husband and his friends on one of their favorite Thanksgiving traditions… An early morning duck hunt.  The real thing even, no sitting in front of a vintage nintendo for these boys.  As an added bonus for me, since I don’t have a license to actually shoot ducks, was to shoot (photographically speaking) a friend’s dog doing what she too loves to do.   This is Alice, a Chesapeake Bay Retriever who clearly loves duck hunting as much as the boys do.







While I enjoy photographing dogs (and other animals) in any setting, there is something truly special about shooting a dog at work.  It is fascinating to watch them get so excited to perform their duties.  Alice could hardly wait for the ducks to fall before she shot out of the brush to bring them back to Marc. Sadly, it was my first attempt at shooting in the predawn light so my shots of her bringing ducks in off the water were less than successful but I am looking forward to more duck hunts to get some more practice in and perfect my settings.

And this last one is just because I love that there is beauty to be found in any season.


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