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Some Nizhoni fosters

I’m no longer actively volunteering for the Humane Society here in Lubbock, though Mama dog is technically in their system and goes up to their adoption events in the hopes of finding a home.  But, I thought I’d share some pictures of a few of the fosters we’ve had that never made it to the blog.  There have been many more that were just with us for a night or two, but these five were officially “fostered” by us.

Stinks was a very sweet boy that was found running loose in the street.  He was in good shape and had a collar on, so we were certain he belonged to someone.  But, no one answered the ads or came looking for him…  Which is unfortunate, because he is a fantastic family dog.  As for his name… we were trying to avoid naming him, as we weren’t planning on having him for long. But I had to call him something so I started calling him stinker, which became Stinks.  Luckily, in spite of his name and the giant Elizabethan collar he was wearing following his neuter, he still went home with a new family.


The next three all prove what a sucker I am for puppies.  We aren’t supposed to accept drop offs at our adoption events, primarily because they don’t usually have any of their shots and we never have any open foster homes that can take them.  But its REALLLLY hard to say no to those sad faces, especially when they are puppies.
Copper came in at the end of the day, the week before a holiday.  She was dropped off by a family who found her on the doorstep.  I mean seriously… could you have sent her to the pound?  The hubby was not happy, but I did catch him snuggling on the couch with her several times during her stay.


Caleb and Delta actually came in together, dropped off by two college girls who had found them and kept them for a week while trying to find an owner.  They brought them in when their landlord threatened to evict them.  In my defense, there were tears and I can’t stand making people cry.  The hubby did not think this was a convincing argument when I brought in the kennel with two puppies.  I have to say though, these two were hilarious and got along splendidly.  Not surprisingly, they were adopted quickly.



And lastly (at least last before Mama dog and her pup) was Miley, a quiet little chihuahua mix.   She was here at the same time as Gordon so we had quite the full house at the time.  It took her a bit to warm up, but once she did she got along with everyone.


Now we are down to Mama dog, who is (according to hubby) our last foster.  I’ll let him think that, for now… bwahahaha.

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Mama Dog :: Happiest Pit Bull. Ever.

I will admit, I’ve never been all that in to Pit Bulls.  Not that I had anything against them, just didn’t really see the appeal.  Then we got Penelope.  Note, we do realize that no one but us sees the appeal in Penelope, since she barks maniacally at everyone that comes over.  However, she is incredibly sweet to us, and I began to understand why some people like Pits so much.  And then we met Mama.


This dog loves everyone.  And she is just so happy; all the time.


Don’t get me wrong, she has her serious moments… (like when she thinks she might not get that treat after all)


But they are pretty short lived before smiles return.


Mama and her two puppies were picked up running loose on the street.  She had a chip that was still registered to the local vets office who offered to keep her and the pups while they tried to contact the owner.  Unfortunately the pups had Parvo and only one survived.  He was adopted almost immediately upon his arrival at the adoption facility once he was better.  Mama is still looking for a good home.



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As it turns out, for those that may not have figured it out yet, I am a sucker.  Particularly for a hard luck story.  We had no sooner adopted out the two puppies we were fostering, than Gordon showed up.

gordon (4)web

This sweet fellow managed to survive the winter on his own here in Lubbock.  Another rescue group was aware of his situation and had been feeding him, and when one of our volunteers managed to catch him, we were asked to foster.  He started out terribly shy, but warmed up very quickly and has since made himself right at home sleeping on our bed when we’re not looking and wrestling with the rest of the crew.


His quarantine will be up next weekend and we are hoping we will be able to find him a fantastic forever home where he won’t ever have to worry about surviving the winter alone again.

gordon (1)web

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Its been a crazy few weeks here at the Nizhoni household.  I started a new “day” job, which has kept pretty much all other aspects of my life to a minimum.  I’m sort of getting settled in there, so I am trying to make more time for myself now to help relax and get my mind off work.   Due to my crazy schedule, I’m no longer in charge of all the dogs for the HSWT, though I am still fostering and volunteering regularly.  Penelope is our most recent foster (though she did overlap with another who was recently adopted) and she may become a permanent resident.


She came to us just after Thanksgiving after being dumped and accused of attacking people.   I will admit, it was a bad time for the HS and I was almost part of the decision to have her put down, as the organization was not prepared to take on the liability of an animal with a known record of aggression.  Luckily, I decided to talk to the owner of the kennel where she was being temporarily boarded.  I was told that there was no way she was attacking people based on her current behavior, so she came home on a “trial” basis to evaluate her temperment with both people and other dogs.


I am so, SO glad that I decided to bring her home and give her a chance.  She was terrified, and it was three weeks before we were able to pet her consistently without her bolting when we looked at her.


She gets along well with Nizhoni, and LOVES Kodiak.  She loves to chase him around and lick his face, much to his annoyance.  And our entertainment.


She still barks a lot when there are people over, and is very nervous around strangers.   But she loves to cuddle on the couch, and she sleeps on the bed.  And she occasionally takes field trips to Petsmart, and is getting better around other people.

Its been a while since we had nice enough weather for an actual outdoor photoshoot, and I had the day off so I decided Nelly deserved a chance to show off how beautiful she is.



We found not one, but TWO awesome, brightly painted walls downtown and she looked great against the colors.



She has turned out to be such a great dog… and she gets along so well with ours, we may end up keeping her.  Its not certain yet, but its starting to look that way.  I am just totally smitten with her.

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More foster fun…

Well, yet another foster came and went before I even had time to blog her.  As did several transient, overnight guests.  Actually… so did Dante, but at least I had a chance to blog him!

Right now, surprisingly enough, we don’t have any fosters of our own.  Tonight we have Zoe, who is just spending the night so I can take her back to adoptions tomorrow as her foster family has church in the morning.  She is a doberman/german shepherd mix, and she’s hilarious.  She’s like a dog out of a cartoon, all crazy legs and quirky ears.  But she’s very sweet.



And next to Zoe is J.J. who was here about a week before some college guys took her home to try her out.  She was too much for their apartment, but they liked her so much that one of them talked his mom into adopting her.  She was an excellent snuggler, particularly on the couch…


Champ was only here for an overnight before he was adopted out again.  (He came back because he was supposedly jumping the fence… I suspect boredom may have had something to do with it).


And lastly, a few more Dante pictures… this time in better focus.  He too is no longer with us.  A young gal who just bought a house came over to our place to meet him and just fell in love.  Yay! I love happy endings  :)

Still to blog… Boozer,  Sister’s dogs, Cowbelly Austin, and now the calendar shoots.  My god, could I be any farther behind??

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Dante needs a good home!

Ok, seriously.  How can you not love this face??  If you look closely, you may recognize this guy.  He made an appearance on my blog once before.  This time the lighting is softer, and the angles are better but its the same sweet boy.  (Don’t recognize him?  Check here)


He is the most recent dog to be removed from the place on the east side.  His first fosters were calling him Max, but we have SOOOO many Maxes, and it just didn’t seem to suit him.  He has the most intelligent looking facial expressions, and he catches on really quickly so we were trying to go for a “smart” name.    Dante is part German Shepherd, part Heeler.  He’s maybe 2-3 years old, and really not all that big.  But he’s very sweet and very smart.


When I first saw him in the car when the gal dropped him off, he reminded me a LOT of Kodiak.  Kodi does have some shepherd in him, though its not the first breed you think of when you look at him.  But its something about their expressions, and their mannerisms that is strikingly similar.   And the two of them get along really well, which is a relief.


He is crate trained and housebroken (unless its my day off and I sleep until eleven, and then I may wake up to find a puddle near the door) and he LOVES attention.  He is also food motivated, which makes training (and taking pictures) easy peasy.  Really, he is going to be a fantastic dog for the right family, so if you are looking for a dog to adopt in Lubbock, you should check him out!!

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Jules and Apollo

I can’t believe its been over a month since I last blogged! Yikes!!  Between settling in to the new routine at the day job, and some traveling and visitors, I feel like the last month has FLOWN by.  But things are settling down a bit now, and I feel like I might finally get caught up on my to do list.  I’m only about ten blog posts behind…

For those who may be wondering, Dash is settling in very well in his new home.  He loves to wrestle with his new big sister Alea (big as in older… she’s still just a wee bit smaller than he is, but not by much).  And his new family just thinks he is wonderful, which of course he is.  And with Dash in a happy home, it didn’t take us long to find yet another dog in need of some love and good nutrition.

First came Apollo.  A Rottie mix of some type, Apollo was found in Levelland by a young couple who lived down the street from his previous owner.  The owner had gone to Pennsylvania to care for a sick family member and left his dog tied in the yard (yes, I do see the irony in that).  The couple and their kids were feeding the dog, but another neighbor threatened to shoot it so they called the HSWT.


We had Apollo for two weeks, and got him all his necessary vet work and put a little weight on him.  He was sweet and playful, though a little bit rambunctious.  The very first day he went to adoptions, he found a home with a family that was looking for a bigger dog that would play with their three kids.  Last I spoke with them, he too was doing well.

Miss Jules was dropped off to the HSWT by a lady who found three dogs running loose in her neighborhood.  Two were chipped but the owners said they just didn’t want them anymore.  The other two went home with fosters and Jules came home with me (much to Ken’s dismay).  I have to be honest… Apollo was  nice dog and a good looking fellow, and I liked him; but I loved Jules.  She was just the sweetes, snuggliest thing.


Probably a lab/pit mix, or something along those lines, she was on the small side but very sturdy.  And she had this long, skinny tail that just wagged a mile a minute, thumping all over the place.  She spent the first week sleeping out in the kennel with Apollo.  But, she was so well behaved that once he was adopted, she got to sleep in the bedroom (bedroom… not bed, in spite of what the above picture might indicate) will everyone else.



We have a lot of black lab mixes in the system, so I was sort of suspecting that we’d be fostering her for a while; but last week while I was at the Cowbelly workshop, I got a call that she had gone on a home visit.  This week they came back to finish up the paperwork and officially adopt her.  Yay!

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Our gentle giant

We’ve sort of kept this mum because we wanted to make sure all the details were ironed out first.  And because I was afraid I would jinx it and the whole deal would fall through.  Tomorrow Dash and I are making the long drive to Dallas to meet his new family.  I know we said we were going to keep him… and we really meant it.  It breaks our hearts to give him up, but we had one hell of a dog fight two weeks ago and it did not end well.  Two parties needed stitches (not me, luckily) and Kodiak still doesn’t want to admit that Dash is bigger and stronger.  So we decided that it was in everyone’s best interest to find Dash a home where he won’t always have to be butting heads with Kodiak.  Luckily there is a wonderful family in the DFW area that expressed interest in Dash right around the time we decided to keep him.  They were still searching for a companion for their female Akbash when I emailed her two weeks ago, and after much emailing, they have decided he may be the dog for them.  So tomorrow we make the long trek to say goodbye to our gentle, goofy giant.


This is one of my favorite things that Dash does.  He’s so big that you forget he’s still a youngster, until he has one of those goofy, puppy moments.  He does this thing where he flops from side to side with his legs all stretched out, smacking whatever happens to be within his reach.  He just looks so ridiculously carefree and happy when he does it, that you can’t help but laugh.

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Prince Edward

For those following my dramatic saga as a dog fosterer and humane society volunteer…  I think I may now be serving as the “Interim Dog Coordinator” for the HSWT.  It hasn’t been explicitly stated, but I have been handling a lot of the dog info since the previous dog coordinator left last week.  Perhaps more telling, I have overheard myself being referenced as the dog coordinator twice now.

Either way, I have been helping out quite a bit, and part of what I’ve been doing is finding places for a couple “return” dogs to stay.  Prince Edward was adopted several weeks ago and returned because his owners were having trouble with housebreaking (from information gathered later, I’m not sure Eddie was the problem).  Regardless, finding him foster care has required that he be shuffled around a bit, and this resulted in him being at my house for a few hours on Monday night between picking him up at one home and dropping him off at another.  While normally I would prefer to avoid the shuffling game, in this case I thought it well worth it because I suspect that I may never see Prince Edward again.  The foster home I was taking him to had kept him overnight previously and had quite fallen for him.  I am HOPING that after keeping him for a week, they will decide that he should stay with them forever.  Fingers crossed til Saturday!


He is so sweet, its easy to see how they fell for him.  He’s the most docile little dog, and terribly shy, especially around men.  But we got him out in the yard with the rest of the pack and he lit right up.  And that little pink nose is to die for.  He reminds me a bit of the dog on the RCA commercials.


As for the story of Dash, I was set to give the Akbash rescue the go ahead to begin the search for a forever home when Ken showed some hesitation.  So he is “thinking about it” and, pending his decision, we may be keeping the big white beastie.  The downside to this is that it would put an end to our fostering until we move out into the country and can consider putting in some kennels.  That and there is a gentleman here in town who has expressed some interest in Dash and who has an incredibly special story.  I think Dash could be really good for him, and it would be a good home for Dash, so if Ken does decide against keeping him, hopefully we can get the two of them hooked up.  Stay tuned for further developments…

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I can’t help it!

Are you all sick of seeing Dash yet? I can’t help it… he’s just such a sweetie, I’m infatuated with him. Check out these long, supermodel legs!


And lord knows no one is going to break into our house anytime soon. This is the backside of what anyone coming up to our front door sees. Poor mailman probably thinks we’re crazy.  Not the best quality, but not bad considering it came from my phone!


The poofy tail in the back is Kodiak, then Nizhoni, Dash, and Penny. It can get seriously loud in here from time to time.

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