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Jack :: Humane Society of West Texas

I’m not usually one for little dogs, but this guy is too, too cute.  His name is Jack, and he is a chihuahua/miniature dachshund mix.  Jack was being fostered by one of my friends and fellow volunteers, and when she had to go out of town for a few days we agreed to keep him at our place.  He may have been a tiny dog, but he had a BIG personality.



He fit right in with the rest of the gang, in spite of being so much smaller than everyone else.  He did occasionally sleep on the bed, where he was a big fan of snuggling under the covers.    With a face that cute, how could you say no?



Two weeks after his visit with us, Jack was adopted by a wonderful young gal who was looking for a little dog to keep her company.  Last we heard, he was doing fantastic in his new forever home!

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As it turns out, for those that may not have figured it out yet, I am a sucker.  Particularly for a hard luck story.  We had no sooner adopted out the two puppies we were fostering, than Gordon showed up.

gordon (4)web

This sweet fellow managed to survive the winter on his own here in Lubbock.  Another rescue group was aware of his situation and had been feeding him, and when one of our volunteers managed to catch him, we were asked to foster.  He started out terribly shy, but warmed up very quickly and has since made himself right at home sleeping on our bed when we’re not looking and wrestling with the rest of the crew.


His quarantine will be up next weekend and we are hoping we will be able to find him a fantastic forever home where he won’t ever have to worry about surviving the winter alone again.

gordon (1)web

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Miss April :: Mavis the French Bulldog

This adorable Frenchie is one of the thirteen lucky fur-kids that got voted into the 2010 Humane Society of West Texas Calendar.  She and her sister Daisy (who will get her own blog post soon) got their own mini session to show off how completely adorable they are.  I really did love all of the great pets I got to meet through the contest, but Mavis MIGHT just be my favorite.  I love. her. face.


A great pet photographer once said that you can get some hilarious shots by feeding a dog and shooting wide.  This shot on the left cracks me up.  She was totally chomping away on some turkey.    Otherwise, she was totally not interested in looking at the camera.


This last one is my favorite shot of Miss Mavis, and is the shot we used in the calendar.   I just love her big watery eyes and wrinkly face.


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