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Category Archives: Pet Photography

Bear :: Chesapeake Bay Retriever

Seriously, is there anything more adorable than a puppy?   Bear is a Chesapeake Bay Retriever puppy and his dad is hoping he will turn into a duck hunting dog once we gets a little bigger.  I just want to snuggle him to pieces.









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Alice :: Chesapeake Bay Retriever

Thanksgiving weekend offered me my first chance to join my husband and his friends on one of their favorite Thanksgiving traditions… An early morning duck hunt.  The real thing even, no sitting in front of a vintage nintendo for these boys.  As an added bonus for me, since I don’t have a license to actually shoot ducks, was to shoot (photographically speaking) a friend’s dog doing what she too loves to do.   This is Alice, a Chesapeake Bay Retriever who clearly loves duck hunting as much as the boys do.







While I enjoy photographing dogs (and other animals) in any setting, there is something truly special about shooting a dog at work.  It is fascinating to watch them get so excited to perform their duties.  Alice could hardly wait for the ducks to fall before she shot out of the brush to bring them back to Marc. Sadly, it was my first attempt at shooting in the predawn light so my shots of her bringing ducks in off the water were less than successful but I am looking forward to more duck hunts to get some more practice in and perfect my settings.

And this last one is just because I love that there is beauty to be found in any season.


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Little Dog

A couple weeks ago I went to toss some boxes in the trash and found a puppy dumped behind our dumpster.  His bed and toys were in the dumpster.  It didn’t take long to figure out why someone had left him and his belongings.  If you’d never had a run in with Parvovirus, consider yourself lucky.  Its miserable, and most often fatal.  But when you take on a puppy, you’re taking responsibility for that animal in sickness and in health… its like a marriage.  Owning a dog isn’t necessarily all fun. Or cheap and easy.  If you don’t look at it like that, I don’t think you should have a dog.  But alas, not everyone sees it that way.  As it was, we gave him fluids and snuggles and he spent his last 24 hours feeling loved and being as comfortable as we could make him.  Rest in peace, little guy.

litte dog1

little dog 2

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Sammy and Champ

These handsome fellows are my “nephews” and we got to sneak in a few photos of them while we were doing an engagement shoot for my beautiful sister-in-law and her fiancé.


champ and sam





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Bobby & Yoda :: Saving Grace Pitbull Rescue

Its been so very long since I’ve done any actual photography.  And I miss it.  So I’ve emailed some local rescues to see if they are interested in a volunteer photographer.   And I’m going to finally get around to blogging some of the many sessions that never made it online previously.  Starting with Bobby and Yoda… blog1

Bobby and Yoda was another session we did for the Saving Grace Pitbull Project.  Bobby is a volunteer and Yoda was one of the adoptable pups that got her own session for the art show.  Each volunteer got to pick which dog they wanted to bring out, and its easy to see why Bobby chose Yoda.  The two of them clearly have a special relationship.




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Grace :: Pug Photography




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Saving Grace Project :: Lauren and Sally

Lauren is a fellow pharmacist, and one of the amazing gals behind the scenes at Saving Grace.   She brought Sally out and we enjoyed some late afternoon sunshine while Sally got to stretch her legs and spend some quality time outside the kennel.







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Penny :: ISO forever home

This is Penny.  She is a terrier mix of some sort who was found running loose in the Littlefield area.   A kind-hearted soul picked her up and she is now being boarded in the hopes that she can find a wonderful forever home.  She just happens to be BFF’s with Cutter, who is also still in search of a home.  It would make all involved ecstatic if they were able to go to a good home together, but that’s not a requirement…



They really don’t come much cuter than Penny…

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Mandy and Porter :: Saving Grace Project

I have to say, Saving Grace has some of the most awesome volunteers I have ever met.  They work so hard to help the dogs out there, and they have all happily allowed me to drag them all over Lubbock without even complaining when we end up in some mildly sketchy locales.  Plus, how do you not love someone who names their dog after beer?!

Porter is one of the lucky dogs that has found his forever home with one of the super awesome volunteers.  Seriously, how cute are they??





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Naomi and Gimp :: Saving Grace Project

When we first started putting this project together, Naomi and Gimp were one of the first pit bull families that was mentioned as needing a photo shoot.  Naomi saw Gimp on Petfinder and talked her mom into going out to Saving Grace to visit her and from what I hear, it was love at first sight.  I asked her if she had to work hard to convince her mom to adopt a pit bull, but she said her mom was pretty open to the idea (if only more folks were like that!!)



So why the name Gimp?  Because Gimp has a minor mobility problem.  One back leg doesn’t have a foot at all, and the other is sort of incomplete… Still, she gets along without too much trouble.




And while she’s not to crazy about the camera, its pretty obvious that she’s madly in love with Naomi and her little sister.  And I’m fairly certain the feeling is mutual.


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