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Naomi and Gimp :: Saving Grace Project

When we first started putting this project together, Naomi and Gimp were one of the first pit bull families that was mentioned as needing a photo shoot.  Naomi saw Gimp on Petfinder and talked her mom into going out to Saving Grace to visit her and from what I hear, it was love at first sight.  I asked her if she had to work hard to convince her mom to adopt a pit bull, but she said her mom was pretty open to the idea (if only more folks were like that!!)



So why the name Gimp?  Because Gimp has a minor mobility problem.  One back leg doesn’t have a foot at all, and the other is sort of incomplete… Still, she gets along without too much trouble.




And while she’s not to crazy about the camera, its pretty obvious that she’s madly in love with Naomi and her little sister.  And I’m fairly certain the feeling is mutual.


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Mama and Jack :: BFF’s

These two crack me up.  I could seriously watch them for hours.  Jack is a Chihuaha/Dachshund mix that was being fostered by a friend of mine.  We have watched him on several occasions and he is best best friends with our dog, Mama.


In spite of how ferocious she looks here, she lets him climb all over her, chew on her ears, hump her head… you name it.  And when they wrestle, she is super gentle with him.




Jack recently got adopted, which is fantastic, but we will definitely miss his visits.  :(

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Jack :: Humane Society of West Texas

I’m not usually one for little dogs, but this guy is too, too cute.  His name is Jack, and he is a chihuahua/miniature dachshund mix.  Jack was being fostered by one of my friends and fellow volunteers, and when she had to go out of town for a few days we agreed to keep him at our place.  He may have been a tiny dog, but he had a BIG personality.



He fit right in with the rest of the gang, in spite of being so much smaller than everyone else.  He did occasionally sleep on the bed, where he was a big fan of snuggling under the covers.    With a face that cute, how could you say no?



Two weeks after his visit with us, Jack was adopted by a wonderful young gal who was looking for a little dog to keep her company.  Last we heard, he was doing fantastic in his new forever home!

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Adopt a dog, Lubbock pet photographer, dog photographer, animal photography, West Texas

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Please help me find a home!

Edited 6/6/09: Leila no longer needs a home. She has been adopted by a wonderful guy who has decided to call her Grace. I love a happy ending!

Meet Leila.



Leila is a black lab mix, approximately 2 years old. She is a sweet, mellow girl who just loves to be close to her person.


At some point in the relatively distant past, someone tried to kill Leila. They aimed for her heart, but hit her in the elbow instead; destroying the joint and a part of her humerus bone. Then they left her to die. Eventually her wounds healed, but bone and joint will never be the same. Her x-ray shows that she still has bullet fragments in her “joint.”


Because of this, she holds her right front paw off the ground the majority of the time and walks with a pronounced limp. According to the vet, however, it no longer causes her pain and her best option for the time being is to leave it alone.


In spite of her injury, we occasionally catch her wrestling in the backyard with her foster siblings. While she normally moves fairly slowly, she does occasionally get a burst of puppy-like energy.


Since found, Leila has been filling out and gaining confidence. In the next week or so, she will receive the necessary shots and be spayed. Then nothing would make her happier than finding a loving home with a family that will love her in spite of her limp. If you, or someone you know, would like to give Leila a home, please contact me at amanda @


On a photography note, these images were taken at a fantastic little courtyard oasis in the middle of a built up part of town, just beside the freeway. An awesome find!

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For those keeping up with our adventures in fostering, we had two dogs last week. Being the adorable puppy, Sugar managed to steal the show. But we also had Zoey, a year old mix breed. She got adopted on Saturday, but I still wanted to share some pictures of her, because she really is a cutie. TONS of energy, but in a good way. I would have loved to see them go to the same home, because they got along SO well, but they were each adopted by different families. BUT, the woman who adopted Sugar left us her number and if by chance Zoey is brought back, she said she would take her. How awesome is that??



She was a bit frustrating at times, mostly because she would grab anything she could get her teeth on and drag it all over the house. But she was so funny, it was hard to stay mad at her.



Obviously we are very grateful to her new family for taking her home and we hope it works out for them! Coming up soon will be our new foster, Leila so stay tuned!

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the swimming hole

Sugar has an interesting habit of submersing her entire head in her water bowl, followed by a frantic “digging” in the water dish which results in water ending up ALL over the kitchen floor. Based on this observed behavior, we thought she might enjoy a trip to the lake. And by lake, I mean one of the muddy cesspools that dot the Lubbock landscape. The most memorable point in the afternoon was chasing her around in an attempt to remove the nasty rotting fish head from her mouth. When we could distract her from the fish head, she did seem to enjoy the swimming quite a bit though.

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So adorable little Roxie was adopted on Saturday, big surprise. I’ll admit it, I got a little teary eyed when I said goodbye. Of course it only took them a matter of seconds to zero in on me as an foster-less foster home and I was soon asked to take another one home. Actually, they asked, could you maybe take two? Just for tonight?

Name: Sugar
Breed: Boxer mix-ish
Age: four months-ish

She does the superman thing with her front legs when she sleeps

Oh I suppose, just for tonight, I told them. That was Saturday…

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