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Bear :: Chesapeake Bay Retriever

Seriously, is there anything more adorable than a puppy?   Bear is a Chesapeake Bay Retriever puppy and his dad is hoping he will turn into a duck hunting dog once we gets a little bigger.  I just want to snuggle him to pieces.









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Janie :: One from the archives


Ken bought me a new hard drive last week and in going through my old one, I realized that I had never done anything with my photos from the Cowbelly Workshop.  In October of 2009 (on our first wedding anniversary no less) I packed up and left Lubbock for Austin to attend a workshop with one of the best Pet Photographers there are… Jamie Pflughoeft of Seattle’s Cowbelly Pet Photography.  This is Janie, the model for Jamie’s mock shoot she held for us on Friday.  It was super overcast, but at least it was dry… unlike the rest of the weekend.

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Porsche :: Mini Sneak Peek

Porsche is a ten week old Cavachon (Cavalier King Charles Spaniel/Bichon Frise cross) and she is Uh. Dorable.   She is the newest addition to Zander and Mistoffeless’s family.  Neither of them seems particularly enthused about her, but then do cats get enthused?  Anyway, if it wasn’t bad business to steal client’s pets, I totally would have stuffed Porsche into my jacket and run.  Seriously.



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Damon is the handsome brother to Delilah.  He was far more interested in exploring the surroundings (including climbing up onto the train platforms) than he was in having his picture taken.






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Sweet stuff for your dog…

Once again, the holidays are quickly approaching.  And I’m sure there are those of you out there who are already prepared. I on the other hand, am in complete denial that it could possibly be November already.   It helps that its not nearly as cold here in Texas as it would be (or is, I suppose) back home in Ohio.  So that makes my denial that much easier.   At least Texas has that going for it…

Anyway, if you happen to have a spoiled pet, or pet parent, on your gift list this year you should check out Bisket Baskets.  They have all sorts of beautiful and unique gift baskets for all occasions.  But, if you ask me (which you didn’t, but its my blog) their pet baskets are by far the coolest.


For one thing, its just plain pretty, and I’m a sucker for a well put together gift basket.   All their baskets are gorgeous and full of tasty treats and other goodies. but I am secretly coveting the bone shaped pill container (not that I need one, it just appeals to the pharmacist in me) and the giraffe Bite Meez.    They even have super cute baskets for cats, if cats are your thing,


Now… if only I could convince hubby to let me adopt a cat who would appreciate such a fine gift…

Check out their website to see all their great gift baskets, and be sure to poke around their blog for news and other fun stuff!

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My first canvas

One of my clients from the session in Columbus ordered an 8×10 canvas wrap of one of her images. Its the first time I’ve had one printed and I was so pleased with how it turned out. I think I’m going to have to get a few larger ones to have on hand for displays.

I think, in the future, for smaller wraps, I’m going to go with a slightly shallower frame; while this depth should be fine for the bigger sizes.

And, of course, I ordered a ton of prints, both for clients and for my own use.

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aka: Roxarelli, Turd Bird, Little Dog… I’ve picked up my sister’s habit of calling dogs by anything but their actual names.

Roxie is a boxer puppy, probably six or seven weeks old. She was found by a guy just outside of town, who kept her for two weeks before he found out about the Humane Society. Everyone else he called was going to put her down if they didn’t find a home in three days. He said his landlord wouldn’t let him keep her once she got big, and he knew if he kept her any longer, he wouldn’t be able to give him up. I can see why.

She is hilarious… all floppy legs and wrinkly skin. And she jumps when she walks. She also has her whole tail. I think it might be the first time I’ve ever seen a boxer with an intact tail. It very rarely stops moving.

she loves to play with toys.

She’s constantly harassing Kodiak and Nizhoni, who are trying to teach her how not to be the most annoying dog ever. Their barks and snaps of reprimand are generally ignored in favor of continuing to run around like a mad woman. Or she barks right back at them, much to Kodiak’s distress.

We are trying to crate train her. She’s good in the crate while we’re at work and she’ll wander in and out of it when we’re home. She just doesn’t like to sleep in it. And against our better judgment, she’s been sleeping in our bed. Its just that she’s so damn cute, I can’t say no. And I figure we’ll only have her to the end of the week, then someone else can break her of the habit. I’m a terrible foster mom, I know.

One minute she’s running around all spasmodic, then next she’s out like a light. And she’s uber snuggly when she’s sleepy. Unfortunately, right this minute, she’s tearing around the house like a bat out of hell. Oh, and she chews everything… but not until she’s paraded around the house with it for a good five minutes. This is especially true of shoes and slippers that are bigger than she is.

The nice thing about fostering is that we get the cuteness of a new puppy, without the obligation of a big dog. She’s awfully precious now, but she’s going to be a good sized girl, and we do NOT need another big dog.

Can you tell I love her little tail??

But if YOU are in the market for a big dog, she is perfect… in a hilariously obnoxious, delightfully cuddly kind of way. Seriously, I can’t even explain how snuggly and adorable she is.

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I have never felt the desire to get a pit bull. Its not the I have anything against them, because I don’t. And I’ve met some very sweet ones at various dog parks. I’ve just never looked at one and thought, gee that’s the kind of dog I want.

Most beautiful green eyes I’ve ever seen on a dog.

Until yesterday. This is one of the sweetest, most beautiful dogs I have ever had the pleasure of working with. He was, by far, the most well behaved dog at the adoption event. And the sad thing is, he will probably remain in foster care because he is “too expensive to adopt.”

He was all about sitting all up in Ken’s lap

There were several inquiries about adopting him, but each time they heard that they would be required to pay for the training class at Petsmart on top of the adoption fees, there was a change of heart. Not to mention issues with homeowner’s insurance and all the other crap that comes with adopting a bully breed

Knowing that after another month or two, we would easily be able to afford this dog is heartbreaking. I know I say that I want to take them all home, but this one’s options are far more limited than the others through no fault of his own. For us the problem isn’t money. Its the fact that Kodiak is a dumbass and would probably start a fight that would get him maimed or killed. So no pit bull for us.

So if you, or anyone you know, is willing and able to give this handsome guy a home please, please, PLEASE contact the Humane Society of West Texas.

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Puppy love

I’m not even sure I needed to bother with pictures of these cuties. Surely they aren’t going to be in the system long. I mean seriously, how can you look at these faces and NOT take them home??





Tank had some outdoor pictures too, but is this not the cutest “take me home, PLEASE” face ever? All four of the T’s are litter mates. Their dad was an Australian shepherd, though Toby is the only one that really looks it.

This fellow is a few weeks older, and a little bit bigger, but that didn’t stop the T’s from starting some wicked wrestling matches.


Everyone just wanted to be on the other side of that baby gate…

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Some product shots

Back in March I had ordered a 5×5 book for my aunt as a thank you gift. I took some pictures of it at the time, but then forgot that they were on my card when I formatted it for a shoot. Whoops!

Luckily I stopped in Dallas again to say hello on my way to Lubbock, so I was able to snag a few shots of it. I am pleased with how it turned out, though I think I may try another company or two, just to compare. I had nightmares about the two-page spreads not lining up properly, but they turned out just fine.

I also hit the craft store to find some goodies that I could use to make my discs look a little less utilitarian. Scrapbook paper is magical; I swear I could spend all day in that aisle and I don’t even scrapbook. Turns out, with a little help from a paper cutter, it makes a lovely lining for CD cases.

I’ve also got my first canvas wrap on order and it should be arriving in the next couple of days. I can’t wait to see how it looks!

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